I Am Mother - Droid Concept Design

Hey guys! Here are some more views of the Military Droid design from I Am Mother. Proportionally I had a lot more freedom to make it look more robotic and remove mass from some areas to de-humanise the silhouette. These design solutions are far more aggressive and dark to support the industrial military aesthetic. It was necessary for the joints and hydraulics to be designed properly so they did not clip or cause clearance issues. Especially with some brief close-ups during the film, the functionality had to be held to a much higher standard and be functional and believable. The end result makes for some amazing head manipulation with all the servos doing their thing. Amazing to look at in movement. The VFX Department Fin Design VFX did an absolutely amazing job.

Edon guraziu iam droid 003

Rocket Launcher Load-Out

Edon guraziu military droid 360

360 Full Body View

Edon guraziu droid closeup 001

Head CloseUp

Edon guraziu droid closeup 003

City Patrol

Edon guraziu droid closeup 002

City Patrol