GURA® NFT Roadmap
This is the official GURA® NFT outline for the next years.
For this year we are focused on the creation, direction and production of assets important to the IP. This includes a comprehensive storyline, IP development, asset building, technical architecture and secondary objectives. GURACORP® has a rich design history and a coherent vision of the future. The aim is to materialise this vision and give you access to such a world. This can be in the form of a functional product or software.
2022 Objectives:
- Created all relevant Social Media accounts and Discord Server v
- Created and sold out all the genesis GURA® Droids v
- Successfully retained loyalty from original minters v
- Successfully utilised network to prepare the acquisition of new team members v
- Currently working on visuals and trailers for further media and audience engagement v
- In search of people with expertise in Animation, Sound Design, VFX and other disciplines v
The most important year. With capital from our successful sculpture auction, we can allocate funds to erect a competent team of designers, developers and artists to work on GURA® IP fulltime. This shift in approach allows us to bring in the best of the industry to ensure success. We strive for the release of a functional DEMO. Additionally, GURA® Droid holders will have early access and can provide valuable input.
2023 Objectives:
- Setting up an official team of artists and developers to ramp up
- Successfully releasing new relevant drops to further grow the community
- Releasing the official and newly created interactive GURA® NFT website
- Working on technical integration and bridges for new on-chain features
- The development of a autonomous functional GURA® SLAM Orb continues 
- Working on a selection of potentially functioning products for the public
This year we dedicate our energy to continue the ramp up and generate valuable content related to the IP. Reasonable playable content could be realistic at this point. The way our NFT's are created is with uniquely generated stats which you can utilise in different ways on our platform. Original holders with the GURA® Droids will have special access to unique features such as aesthetically different characters, items and other features.
2024 Objectives:
- Successful continuation & growth of the IP
- To be released
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*This outline may deviate based on random events, unforeseen challenges or other factors.

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