GURA® Laser Turret Design Course
Welcome to my Design Course. This is the most In-Depth and Detailed course I have built so far and I am incredibly excited to share this hard work with you today.
In this Design Course I will go over the entire creation of a realistic military style Laser Turret of the future from scratch to finish. 
Divided in 4 main Lessons, I will cover how to create a proper Design Brief, How to setup proper Strategy & Pipeline. How to do Advanced Research and how to apply that knowledge to your design. I show the the entire build process in Moi3D, Creating Graphics & Labels in Photoshop, and the rendering process in Keyshot.
I will walk you through the applications so you will be well prepared to tackle this challenging design! Furthermore I really hope you will find this course helpful and take some new skills with you for future endeavors. Enjoy!

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