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How can we help you?
Give us a sense of your current situation so we can decide whether or not we can help you. If we can, you'll hear what we need to receive from you so we can plan our first call together. If we can't help, We'll try to forward you to someone from our network who can.
1 - Design & Consultation
For small scale companies with short-term projects & limited budgets.
Location: Remotely.
Duration: Project Duration to be discussed.
Deliverables: Project Deliverables to be discussed.
Cost: Starts at €5000,- respectively.
Payment Terms: Prepaid & non-refundable, sent with requested material.

2 - Concept Design for Entertainment
For Movie, Game, Entertainment related productions that require day-rate options you can reference the following information. Some exceptions may apply i.e. Profit Sharing etc.
Location: Remotely.
Duration: Minimum engagement of 15 days. 
Deliverables: Project Deliverables to be discussed.
Cost: €2500,- Per Day.
Payment Terms: Prepaid & non-refundable & sent with requested material.

3 - Concept Design & Execution
For Conceptual Development  & 3D Visualisation for your small scale production, you may contact us to specify your exact situation and objectives. This is for Individuals and Small Firms who need help designing a product or asset. For Consumer Application you can reference Concept Design for Industries. If we think we can help you, We'll specify what we need to receive from you. If we can't help you, We'll try to forward you to someone who can in our network.
Location: Remotely.
Duration: Project Duration to be discussed.
Deliverables: Project Deliverables to be discussed.
Cost: Starts at €15.000,- respectively. 
Payment Terms: Prepaid & non-refundable, sent with requested material.
4 - Concept Design for Industries
For Industrial, Consumer and Private applications that require a complete treatment. If your Company needs help with Design, Visualisation, 3D CAD Modelling & Presentation of your product for manufacturing, reach out. We are happy to help.
Location: Remotely.
Duration: Project Duration to be discussed. 
Deliverables: Project Deliverables to be discussed.
Cost: Minimum Engagement of €25.000,-
Payment Terms: Prepaid & non-refundable, sent with requested material.
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