Future Visions Of The Past
"A reference to the past in honor of great artists and visionaries like Michelangelo"
After years of gaining skills, wisdom and resources, I am very pleased to announce what I’ve been working towards for so long. My first sculpture ever.
It has been in my head for years to manifest something on a bigger physical scale. A greater way for me to materialize my love for art, design, robots, aesthetics and the beauty of antiquity. 
This meticulously crafted sculpture will be about 6m/19.6ft tall. Manufactured with aid of robotics and finished by hand in a beautiful gold finish. A reference to the past in honor of great artists and visionaries like Michelangelo while simultaneously providing a vision of the future with technology and aesthetics symbiotically balanced.
This unique sculpture is the result of 25 years of creativity, crystallized knowledge and my love for design pressurized into one subject. Which will be the first of my annual GURA® Sculptures series. Which based on my age, means I have about 60 sculptures more to build in my lifetime. A true manifestation of scarcity based on human life’s limited solar orbits.
Details of this purchase: 
Deliverables - Complete 6m/19.6ft Statue with Structural Display Stand. 
Time of delivery - 6 to 8 months. (exact installation dates to be discussed.) 
Exhibition Grace Period - To be discussed. 
*The render shown is an early proof of concept and will be subject to change. Final production details will be communicated with the client on a continuous basis.
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